1. Meta Printing

    I’m using a website called printwhatyoulike.com to print my blog. I want the paper version to be in crolological order so it means I have to do the whole thing backwards which is mighty confusing.

    So this will be my last post! 


  2. Post

    These arrived today, now I’m wondering weather I should go in tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. I’ve got a job assisting a photographer tomorrow but could do it early in the morning or in the evening? I think I’ll probably do it on Friday.


  3. Ironic

    I finished writing my evaluative statement on the weekend. The thing I said i needed to work on most was my time management. Ironically this weekend I’ve been super organised writing down which tasks I have to do and when and, mostly, I’ve been sticking to it.

    Heres a mini version:

    Friday 21st: Re-Edit and render at Charlies

    Saturday 22nd: Finish Evaluative essay. Select photos for printing. Update sketchbooks

    Sunday 23rd: Consider presentation. Make sure blog is up to date. Draft bibliography. Make sure learners file is up to date. Edit and order photo prints

    Monday 24th: Annotate bibliography. Update scetchbooks. Update blog. Make short version for show reel. Make sure learners file is all sorted. Find a way of printing blog.

    Tuesday 25th (tomorrow): Make sure sketchbooks are annotated. Update blog, if necessary. Print Blog. Cut cloth down to correct size

    I realy should have done this from the beginning!

    At least from the beginning of each week. I suppose I had an idea of what I was going to do, just never wrote it down formally. I think its easier now that I have really specific directions and targets.


  4. Exhibition

    I sent an email to Amanda asking her if it would be possible for me to show my video next to the prints. Photography gets put in the corridors because mostly we need less space than sculpture and things but apparently it might not be possible for me to show it apart from on the show reel. This is actually really disappointing, if I can’t put it up with the photos it’ll never be seen properly. I’ve got a screen, its flat so it wont take up much space, and speakers and a place to play it from and everything. All I’d need would be a plug or an extension lead! Very frustrating. Hopefully I can sort it out when I hand my work in on Friday.


  5. Prints!

    I forgot to write about my prints

    I ordered 6 C-type gloss 406 x 270 mm prints (one of each speaker) from The Print Space which is a printers/gallery. I’ve printed things there before and its very reasonably priced and their very friendly etc. They should arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday.

    I chose the photos I liked best, and the ones that I thought would look good together. I edited the photos a bit. All of them had pink splatters in the background and I removed these, made the colours stronger and the backgrounds darker.

    The idea, if its possible, is to have the six prints displayed by the video, I have a screen that I can use providing it passes the PAT test, 14 June, and the cloth. 

    For the exhibition I’m considering the idea of cutting a hole where the speaker was in the cloth and putting it round the screen as a frame, if you can imagine that. If you can’t here is an extremely poor and childish diagram to help, or to confuse you further. 


  6. Minature

    I’ve also made a little 43s version for the show reel. We can submit things up to 3mins long but I’d like people either to see a long version where they can come in at any point and start watching or just to see a little snippet. I don’t know if ill get a chance to see it on the show reel but its an exciting thought, I’d like to see it bigger. Its an HD file so hopefully it wont loose quality when its blown up. 

    We’ve just heard today, Monday, that there are to be strikes on Thursday which is our hand in date. Its quite stressful, it leaves things up in the air a bit. Apparently we can still go in on Thursday but we will have to cross a picket line and no one will be there to sign off/ supervise our hand in. I think I’ll take it in on Friday morning instead. I would do it tomorrow but I don’t think my prints will arrive…


  7. Final Cut

    So I went round to my aforementioned friends house on Friday and re cut the footage of the speakers. It was sort of more complicated and much simpler at the same time. The basic changes we made were

    • The speakers no longer disappear. Once they have finished they start again. 
    • Swapping positions. Before I had arranged them so that they disappeared in a certain formation but with them no longer disappearing I positioned them so that the primary colours were separated from each-other
    • It’s much longer. Originally we made a 30 min loop but it would have taken too long to render so we cut it to 10 mins. Hopefully in the exhibition I will be able to play it on a loop. 

    Some things to do with the process that we did differently

    • First we got the audio up and attached it to each clip separately, instead of using one track of them all together like I had originally. So each clip was attached to its specific audio, which makes waaaay more sense than trying to pick out when each clip starts in the track that they are all on.
    • There was one particularly annoying spot of pink paint that appeared in the background of every clip so we added a tiny spot of black to the background of each one. (I say we, although I made the decisions I would have been totally lost if Charlie wasn’t there, he did all the technical bits)
    • We colour corrected them again but made the colours slightly different than they were originally.  The blue one was particularly difficult as it had the reflection from the light in it. When doing this Charlie pointed out that I could have just used white paint and changed the hue when it came to editing. Although this would have been way quicker it would have defeated the point a little, I wouldn’t have the cloth with all the different coloured paint on it either. Also I wouldn’t have the different textures of paint in the photographs, maybe if I repeat the process in the future ill consider changing the colours afterwards as an option.
    • We also added a dissolve transition to each one so that once its finished playing it dissolves subtly back to its first frame and starts again. Hopefully this isn’t too noticeable. In some cases it looks like the paint is just rejecting the surface. Because each clip loops at a different time it shouldn’t be too obvious when the change occurs. What makes it more obvious is the looping vocal, Joe’s (the green one) is particularly short so  once you’ve been watching it for about 40s you begin to pick out which speaker connects to which vocal. But I quite like that, I think its more satisfying.

    I’m really pleased that we re-did it, and that Charlie was so patient. It gave me a chance to change the things I was unhappy with the first time round.

    Here is a screen grab from the final thing, it’s too big to upload. 

    Here are some screen grabs of the process:

  8. I’ve put this in my research book but its so good, Helen told me about him (Marcus Coates)

  9. Another small video experiment

    Tash laughing at me laughing at her

    Ideally these would be the same size but due to aforementioned ‘Picture in Picture’ issues this will do.

  10. A leeetle video using the same footage, just looping it, speeding it up and things, A la Chance. 

    Maybe once I’m done with this project I can make a beat out of it, just using the different sounds

  11. So here it is!!!

    Well here the first version is.

    I got good feed back from Helen and John. 

    Chloe suggested that I made it loop, which is one of the changes I made for the final version, more on that later…


  12. Editing

    So basicaly these are some screen graps from the test version of the final video piece.

    I edited it in iMovie. In order to get all the videos onto one page I had to use an effect called ‘Picture in Picture’ but unfortuatly you can only do this once. So I had to insert one video onto another, export that video then import it and do the next one.

    So this took quite alot of time and, as you can see on the final version, theres a loss of quality in the first few videos that I used. Lucky I have a friend who knows his way round Final Cut and was able to help me re-edit the video at a much higher quality, which I’ll write about later


    These just show the (very slow) process in iMovie.

    I’m pleased that I’ve done two versions. I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted the second time round, and was able to change the things I wasn’t happy with the first time round.

  13. I’ve put contacts in a sketch book but this is like an video contact sheet, all the pictures I took on the camera sped up. 


  14. Chance

    Veronique Chance came to talk  to us a bit about her work. I’d like to see her work as its intended to be viewed, in a gallery space. She had quite strong opinions about how to display work. I liked the repetition in her gym videos, and how the sound repeated as well but because the action is fixed and repetitive to begin with you don’t immediately realize that its looping. When I was filming my speakers I had to turn the volume up really loud to get the best possible movement but this meant that sometimes the vibration of the speaker made the CD skip and theres a bizarre repetitive movement. I think I might make a little mini video to show this as it was an interesting effect. Her running videos were interesting as well, she’s so totally involved in the creation of her work at every stage. She had also experimented with wall paper, turing a kaleidoscope style still form one of her videos into a pattern. I wish I’d considered the possibilities of this earlier, its definitely something I’d like to try.


  15. Shooting sound

    So I’ve written about the problems and solutions but now I’m going to upload a few photos of the progress and process. 

    This is the initial, and ridiculous, set up that I had.

    And the out of focus photos that were produced. I actually quite like this, I think it looks like the paint its part of the speaker, or the whole speaker is somehow liquid. But it wasn’t what I wanted the rest to turn out like 

    This is the set up on the table which was much more satisfactory

    These photos show what it looks like when the flash gun isn’t on. I took some of these whilst I was shooting the video bits, I know from the earlier experiment with the red and pink speakers that when the camera flashes on video it dosent look good. Its distracting. So I took some without flash and its quite a nice volcanic-type visual, but again not the desired effect. 

    These show the cloth in various different stages. I did the longest piece of audio first, the logic bieng that it would splatter more and so be visible under the others. This mostly worked. I also tried to layer the colours without having any complimentarys next to each-other, not having purple straight on top of yellow etc

    It took about three days in total. I had to keep waiting for the paint to dry. It was very satisfying to see the colours begin to layer up. This is the problem I described with the blue paint. I tried to mix enough of each colour so that I wouldn’t have to keep mixing more risking colour change. But when I put the blue one onto the speaker it just kept separating out into blue and white again. 

    These are a few of the final photos, I haven’t selected which ones to blow up big but these are a few of the most effective ones. I want to show a range of movement in the six that I pick, not have them all doing the same things.